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The New Financial Parthenon | Habit stacking is important!

Breaking down the path to your B Number. | Or even a smaller to hitting your A number

The 5-9 Game | Setting up, running, growing and selling for 5 figures. Then 6. Then 7, 8 and 9

Biz Bank Accounts & Margins! | Don’t bundle everything into 1 bank account. You’ll end up spending money that isn’t yours!

Company Finances | You need a bookkeeper, a separate accountant and a meeting with a tax specialist every 18-24 months

Biz TAX! | Just don’t mess about when it comes to tax. Be on top of it!

Parkinson’s Law | Promise yourself to reallocate windfalls or payrises!

The Rule of 72. | How to quickly gauge how quickly something will double in price

Why you NEED to value your losses in TIME. NOT Money. | Never breach the 18 month mark!

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation. | How to see if a new industry or product will take off or not