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Investing – The Basics

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Money: Learn How To Get It, Keep It and Breed It! | You need to become obsessed with these 3 simple steps

The importance of the 10% rule and why SAVING money is a terrible thing to do… | Forecasting your timeline to retirement

The Power of Compounding Interest of Money AND Time. | This needs to be your secret weapon

Your Financial Parthenon | Creating a solid financial roof above you

The Fallacy of a Pension | Better to start your DIY Pension Pot

Different Types of Income | Most people do the worst kind

Assets Can Turn Into Liabilities Rather Quickly | You need to remain vigilant once you have your assets

People of Different Financial IQs have very different Assets and Liabilities | And also a big handy list of liabilities to avoid

Understanding the Fees of an Investment. | This is normally a biggie

The 11 Reasons Why You Can Do Better Than A Fund Manager | 90% of Fund Managers don’t even beat the Stock Market!

Recording of Live Trading/Investing Coaching Call – 04 Dec 20 (Worth Watching)!