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Executing your Business Idea

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My new biz pre-requisites. | These are mine, but you need to create your own so you keep on track

New biz feasibility checks! Part 1 | Absolutely crucial you go through these steps before doing anything!

New biz feasibility checks – Part 2 | Please heed these checks

The new biz planner | A simple spreadsheet to help clarify your product market fit

Why you need to AVOID being a Sole Trader! | You will save so much tax by being a LTD instead

Your Online Presence | An in-congruent online presence is an insidious way to lose sales

Business Card Key Tips | Don’t commit the mortal sins of Biz Cards!

Phones, Emails and Print Tips | You don’t need fancy stationary. Just nail the basics of your biz answering phone call and emails promptly by a Human!

Client Relationship Manager Automation | This is how you can run and scale your business on Autopilot

Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 1/2 | Do as many of these in PARALLEL not SEQUENTIAL…

Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 2/2 | Don’t skip these steps!

How to LAUNCH your new biz! | How you launch your business is critical to your success in Year 1…

What You Should Do When Setting Up Your Business

Doing Joint Ventures properly | How to approach partners properly for JVs

Strategy in Business is Bullshit! Well, long term biz plans anyway…

The Demographic Cliff and which industries are about to implode or boom! | Demographics rule everything!

The 7 Stages of Civilisation and why we are at the final stage before a reset. | From the Romans to the Spanish to us now…

If you need video, use your phone to begin with

Is your business idea something that can thrive without an ecosystem?